Annual Events in Boston
  Boston Wine Expo  
This large and impressive wine festival includes a wide selection of wines from more than 450 wineries in different places around the world.  This large wine-tasting event offers a range of about 1,800 wines.          
   Valentine's Day  
An annual Valentine's Day concert takes place at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.          
  St. Patrick's Day   New England Spring Flower Show
The Patrick's Day parade takes place on March 17 and offers street celebrations and floats.  This is a celebration of Irish heritage.    
This is a massive flower festival that is among the largest of its kind in the world. This festival displays more than 50 gardens of blooms.  
   Major League Baseball   Boston Marathon
April sees the start of the Major League Baseball season.  Boston is home to the Boston Red Sox.  You can feel the atmosphere in town when the league starts.    
The Boston Marathon takes place in the middle of April. The first Boston marathon took place in 1897 and today this is a large event that attracts marathon runners from around the world.  The marathon route is at the official Olympic distance and includes a wheelchair division.  
  Patriot's Day  
Patriot's Day Parade takes place in Boston on 18th April.  This involves a parade and flag raising ceremony.          
  Walk for Hunger  
This is a 'Project Bread' annual pledge walk through Boston and outlying areas in order to raise money to help to provide food for the needy in the local region.  The 2009 event involved 44,000 participants.          
   HarborFest   Gay Pride Parade
HarborFest takes place during the last weekend in June through to Independence Day with attractive events and activities.  There are also special attractions for children at Children's HarborFest celebrations.    
This is an annual parade in Boston for the gay and lesbian communities.  
   4th July   Boston's Bastille Day
Independence Day celebrations in Boston involve fun and fireworks.    
French holiday celebrations take place in Boston each year.  
  Chinatown Festival  
This festival takes place annually in the first week of August.  Visitors may take time to experience Asian culture while in Boston.          
  Fall Foliage  
This is a wonderful festival that celebrates the change in seasons and allows its visitors to delight in the seasonal changing colors of the leaves.  Fall Foliage takes place from mid-September to mid-October in the Boston area.          
  National Hockey  
October sees the start of the National Hockey League.  Boston is the home of hockey team, Boston Bruins.          
  Opening of the Boston Common Frog Pond  
The celebration of the opening night of the skating rink offers a skating demonstration and free admission.          
  First Night in Boston  
This is a great way to celebrate New Year's Eve and could be described as a fun street party that is suitable for all ages.  The notion of First Night celebrations originated in Boston and this is therefore the best place to experience First Night, even though this is today also offered in other cities.  First Night in Boston is good fun that is appropriate for all the family including street performances, music, lights and fireworks.